A Crescent Moon LLC.

Landscape Architecture

About Us

A Crescent Moon is a small design-oriented workshop specializing in landscape & hardscape project development, as well as architectural design & consulting.


What We Do.

We have been designing and creating dreamscapes for over 30 years. In tandem with land design, A Crescent Moon provides construction administration services to create sustainable & ecological living solutions through the use of stonework, masonry, and carpentry.

Founder & Award-Winning Architect Craig S. Church has flourished in planning and design of large urban, institutional, recreational and residential spaces for decades, and continues to be an authority on ecological design throughout New England.

Urban Garden Design

Our creed is to create every space with sustainability as the core element in its fruition. Green infrastructure is the basis for the development of every detail in A Crescent Moon designs, and construction practices.

Landscape Architecture Consultation

Facilitating site design services and supports architectural & engineering professionals throughout New York and New England leveraging our extensive network of subcontractors and construction administrators to create beautiful spaces for you.

Construction Administration

We design and creates outdoor spaces that minimize costs by working through a small group of highly skilled professionals using the latest, most advanced technology to cultivate land design solutions for commercial, institutional, residential and recreational venues with the core belief that any disturbance of the land demands the invaluable art of environmental stewardship from storm water mitigation, wetland protection to ecologically focused design.

Artwork & Artifacts

From the mind of Award-Winning Architect & Artist Craig S. Church, we are pleased to offer original sketches, and paintings created over the last 4 decades; available as print or originals! From neo-expressionist inspiration, to visually-striking dreamscapes; each work carries an eclectic significance that transcends time & space. Please contact us for original works & commissions.


See Our Featured Projects.


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    Overgrowth Circa 2001
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    Skyward Circa 1995
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    Farmer's Supply Circa 2005
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    The Veteran Circa 1975